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Learn and grow with Holistic Psychology

Our public seminars and workshops are expertly designed to facilitate personal growth, share knowledge, and teach strategies for unlocking human potential, releasing unhelpful thoughts and feelings, to create a healthy, connected and empowered lives. Coaching and private sessions are also available to compliment learning solutions. These sessions can be held as post workshop initiatives, to embed the learning and continue the growth process.

  • Build self-understanding

  • Discover self-expression

  • Improve personal accountability

  • Feel empowered

  • Be present

  • Create a self-authored life

  • Boost your mental health

  • See meaningful change


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Impactful Leadership: Holistic Leadership and Resilience

Featured Workshop

A 6-month journey, with a small group of like-minded caring professionals, during which you will:

  • Boost your mental health, emotional health and mindset

  • Improve your physical health, track your progress, and build healthy habits

  • Clarify your strengths and values

  • Uncover old thought patterns that are holding you back

  • Create meaningful transformational change that’s sustainable and connected

  • Boost your assertiveness and unlock your authenticity

  • Give back to community and humanity, by using your rediscovered potential in service of your happiness, performance, and social impact.


Mindfulness: Fundamentals and daily habits

In this interactive and practical seminar, you will be guided in applying mindfulness and awareness throughout the moments of your day.


Mindfulness for

This seminar introduces mindfulness, shares practical easy to do practices, and introduces the holistic resilience model.


Leadership agility through psychological flexibility.

This seminar is an introduction to leadership and one of the most fundamental skills any leader
must have to influence, inspire, and sustain peak performance.


Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment in sports.

This seminar introduces the most effective processes and strategies athletes can use to enhance presence, communication, concentration and consistency in sports.


From limiting old beliefs to empowered action:

resurfacing and unhooking from unhelpful old beliefs and blind spots, creating habits to release them, and creating adaptive new beliefs and narratives for an empowered self-authoring life.


Mental health:
the basics.

This seminar explains ‘what is mental illness’, briefly describes the most common problems people face, and outlines the most effective current practices for improving mental and physical health.


Fundamentals of resilience.

This seminar will show you ways to enable and boost your resilience using our evidence-based Holistic Resilience Model, from which you will create daily habits to boost your physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual resilience.


Happiness in daily life.

Discover what makes you happy, what the research is saying about what generally makes people happy, and using the latest evidence to create positive emotions, life engagement, belongingness, meaning and purpose, and a deep sense of achievement.


Gut health and mental health.

This seminar is a collaborative co-facilitated seminar where a registered psychologist and a registered dietitian team up to provide the attendees with the latest knowledge and tools to optimise gut health and mental health for peak performance.


Physical and mental health.

This seminar is a collaborative co-facilitated seminar where a holistic registered psychologist and a holistic registered chiropractor team up to support you in enhancing your physical and mental wellbeing so you can live your best life.


Leadership workshops

Recognising that you are already are a leader in areas of your life, identifying and clarifying your leadership styles, distinguishing the limiting beliefs that hold you back from surfacing your style of leadership, for creating leadership in important areas of your life.


Wellbeing - on and off the field.

This seminar is about creating an empowered, authentic and self-authoring life on and off the field. Tailored for athletes in a professional or semi-professional contexts, this seminar explores the holistic wheel of life model for thriving in all areas of life.


Mastery of self-expression

Understand what matters the most to you, acknowledge your past experiences and old beliefs that do not serve you, and surface your values and purpose to fully express yourself. In a safe and supportive small group setting, this self-expression is activated, and through practical strategies and processes, this is shaped into a daily habit in your life.


Get out of your head and into your life seminar

In this seminar, you'll get a better understanding of what’s holding you back and gain practical skills that will enable you to have better understanding of yourself, meaningful relationships with others, and more confidence so that you can lead a fulfilled life.


Resilience Masterclass

Featured Workshop

In this engaging and evidence-based masterclass, based on the research from psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness and leadership development, you will build on your understanding of resilience, its enablers and its inhibitors, and enable you to experientially apply self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness and caring connections through practical and sustainable methods. This will help you to use the material to enhance resilience in yourself and those around you.


In this masterclass you be able to:

  • Raise self-awareness of the enablers of resilience both personally and those around you

  • Be familiar with mindfulness practice and its positive effects on resilience

  • Describe and apply the circle of influence and circle of concern concepts

  • Describe and apply the growth mindset as an enabler of resilience in times of change.