Confident Communications Seminar (13 November

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4th December Seminar Psoter .png
4th December Seminar Psoter .png
4th December Seminar Psoter .png

Confident Communications Seminar (13 November


Understand what holds you back from being more present and more confident , and learn practical skills for happiness and resilience

About this Event

The Confident Communication Seminar will enhance your journey of personal development by showing you ways to enhance your performance, harness stress, and regulate emotions so you can lead a more confident, more empowered, and happier life.


- Understand your own thoughts, feelings and behaviours in certain situations

- Learn how to identify your thinking style and strengths in your everyday life

- Find out what’s holding you back from achieving your goals

- Create daily habits for holistic resilience

- Gain practical skills that boost your confidence and performance


You'll gain practical skills will enable you to have better understanding of yourself, more meaningful relationships with others, and more confidence so that you can lead a fulfilled life.


Holistic Psychology @ South Yarra Spine and Sports Medicine, 

Level 1, 56 Claremont Street, South Yarra

VIC, Australia

Your Presenter:

Sleiman Abou-Hamdan, MAPS, M.PsychClinical Psychologist and Leadership Coach

Sleiman is an Accredited Leadership coach and registered Clinical Psychologist, specialising in enhancing leadership capabilities, psychological wellbeing, resilience, relationships, and peak performance. 

Sleiman is passionate about enabling people to enhance their peak performance and happiness, in service of creating positive social and environmental impacts. 

He works with executives, professionals and rising talent using proven holistic, evidence-based models and processes to actualise their unlimited potential.

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