Holistic Leadership Individual Coaching


Holistic Leadership Individual Coaching

400.00 every month for 6 months

Coaching is a collaborative endeavour between you and your coach for the purpose of enhancing your life experience, skills, performance, capabilities, wellbeing and vitality. Our accredited and registered coaching and clinical psychologist provides best practice leadership and executive coaching services in service of improving leadership skills, and work-related professional and personal development to ensure optimal performance in the following areas:

-       Authenticity and personal effectiveness (EI, resilience, grit, time management, stress management etc.)

-       Increased self-confidence

-       Improved communication 

-       Improved assertiveness 

-       Increased productivity and performance

 -      Leading others (laterally, downward and upward)

-       Leading change and transformation

-       Decision-making

-       Building a team and managing dynamics

-       Career enhancement

-       Strategic thinking and business planning

This 6 month coaching program consists of 6 one hour coaching sessions held monthly for 6 months.

The program includes all psychometric assessments including cognitive assessments pre and post program, strengths assessments and developmental surveys.

Scheduling if flexible to suit client’s needs and availability.


Investment: 6 Month leadership coaching package including 6 x 1 hour sessions, pre & post psychometrics, cognitive and wellbeing assessments. $2400 excluding GST.