Your better self: Part 1

A five part series for building a powerful mindset and your resilience!

Part 1: Self-Awareness - because you already have the hidden answers.

I have an idea! and it involves imagination...

Imagine the last 12 months of your life…

  • What helped you be more focused and energised in some situations but not others?

  • What lifted you resilience and what depleted it?

  • And why were you more resilient and had more motivation in some situations but not others?

I  believe the answer has to do with your awareness about your thoughts, how different people and events cause you to react, and the extent you're aware of your strengths and gaps. In other words, I think you can find the answers through your ability to take stock of what’s happening internally for you.

In a recent coaching session, my client told me that he loved to analyse problems with his project, but often fell into analysis paralysis. That showed him a key strength (analysis), and a reactive tendency (over analysing things and getting stuck). This is good info to draw on, and we were able to work together on winding back the analysis strength to an effective level, and he was then able to make quicker and more effective decisions. 

According to the latest research on the subject, it’s become apparent that self-awareness is the strongest predictor of self leadership, resilience and building meaningful relationships. It’s the olive oil for your Napoli Sauce, the milk for your cereal, the flames for your BBQ  – we can’t do without it.

In this 5 part journey, I will share with you the 5 principles that will enhance your self-awareness, consistency, self-authenticity, performance, and best of all, your health.

So where do we begin? At self-awareness of course. It’s about knowing what you’re good at, what you’re not good at, yet…, how your body is functioning, how connected you are to others.

Question: So how do you improve your self-awareness?

A. Introspection and asking for feedback.


Let’s start with introspection.

"Creativity is maximised when you're living in the moment"

The simplest way is to be where you are, in the here and now.

The 3 minute here and now practice:

Look around you, notice 3 things that you can see, notice 3 things you can hear, notice something you can taste, notice something you can smell.

Notice the contact points between the ground and your feet, between your chair and your body, between the air and your skin.

Now create 3 deep breaths, relaxing your belly with each breath.

Now notice the space above your eyes, notice what you’re thinking.

Now turn your attention to your body, and letting go off any judgements, notice:

How does your body feel? Are there any tense bits? What messages are they sending you? Let it go.

Try to stay present for the rest of the day – it will help you be you!

Now for feedback.

What kind of feedback do you need to shine the light on your blind spots with the intent of being even more authentic? Who can you ask for that feedback? How will you ask them?

I like to be upfront and authentic as much as I can. I would ask: “Alex, how did I appear when I gave my opinion at that meeting?”, or “Claire, what effect did I have on you when I disagreed with your opinion about issue X”.

Bruce Lee once said something along the lines of: "Willing is not enough we must act"

Don't wait for motivation to do something important to you - do it and motivation will follow.

So for homework, for the next 2 weeks, I invite you to:

Do your 3 minute practice for being present in the here and now, &

Ask for feedback at least once a week from someone. Have fun with it!

Let us know how you go… write your thoughts below!