Boost your wellbeing with improved

Physical Health


Health and wellness for individuals and businesses

Holistic Psychology collaborates with physical health practitioners who are leaders in their field to assist individuals and organisations to enhance productivity, wellbeing and engagement. Our services are designed to not only boost your physical healthy but also translate that change into other areas of your life including work, relationships and self-confidence. We offer physical health programs for individuals and businesses.



  • Personal trainer

  • Customised fitness goals

  • Group exercise network

  • Knowledge expansion

  • Improved wellbeing

  • Better quality of life


  • Onsite massage

  • Ergonomic workstation assessments

  • Group fitness classes (onsite/outdoor)

  • Group stretching/Pilates class

  • Lunch and learn talks

  • Workplace health assessments

  • 6&8-week company challenges


Calling business owners:

Invest in your team’s physical health to boost their health, wellbeing and productivity.


Benefits of Group Exercise



Did you know you’re much less likely to skip a scheduled workout if you’re part of a group?



Working out with friends can help you perform better on those days when you’re not feeling 100%.



A little friendly rivalry can help keep you motivated and reduce you chance of skipping a class.



Because when you’re exercising with your friends, it’s more than a workout – it’s a social activity.


We use evidence-based, data-led and

bespoke person-centre
workplace performance approaches

to enhance your team’s productivity, wellbeing and engagement.


We’ll with you every step of the journey.

We provide you with a variety of approaches and techniques to help you adapt and tackle the challenge of managing professional life and work balance.


Interested in starting your organisation’s
health and wellbeing journey?

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